Monday, March 27, 2006

Day 3 (not bad)

To be determined
So, even though I know that no one is reading this, as I have not figured out "tags" in Technorati just yet, all speak to you (the soon to be reader!!)

There is a new Manager in our office (yes another new, excited, "chomping at the bit" manager). She must be bursting with ideas and postive energy - I feel bad - I am still not over the whole Samantha fiasco (guess what readers I can't spell!). In my time at the Insurance I have seen close to 100% turnonver - in two point five years ... everyone has come and gone - that is not normal. I hope she doesn't get all in my face and excited - because that irratating now.

Adam! (slight bounce in his step - you gotta see it) Meet victim #46 (46 is an approximation, but I am not close - I'll count tomorrow). She's working on this audience and that ((I realise I may be prehaps too vague - my newness has not run out just yet folks!))

Hi (upbeat)! Welcome.

Adam is the investment team leader and takes care of all the investment related materials.

Sounds exciting (slight mock - I was not offended!) and important (I took the compliment!)

Yes, if you have any questions - just ask! Nice to meet you.

WAIT! **needle strachng on record Did you see that? Investment Team Leader? Congratluations to me (I suppose) I have been promoted! Once again, I have been promoted/demoted - what am I, what is my role in this make-shift Communciations department.

Hence the name "To be determine"

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Here we go ...

A great weekend. We relaxed and hung out. Dim sum, Marche, shopping - the usual! Today Sandra experienced her first "Hero Burger" -- she was relucant, but in the end it was a winner! We explored Queen West (West of Bathurst) and discovered some new shops and lots of new things to buy.

.. though September is fast approaching it can't come fast enough!

Short and sweet ... (I'm new!)

My first blog and entry

This is my first blog and first entry!